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Here at CoreMed, superior quality is the cost-of-entry. Which is why we distribute ATMOS ear nose & throat products. As our primary goal is to deliver client satisfaction, ATMOS affords us the highest level of comfort. ATMOS is a leader in medical device manufacturing in Germany, and has been around since 1888. The company maintains a proven track record when it comes to crafting quality.



Coremed strives to keep our clients apprised of the latest industry technology – and Minne Ties is a distinctive product that’s redefining how maxilla-mandibular fixation is achieved. It’s a non-invasive solution that provides a steady force and secure bite to allow for closed reduction fracture management or stabilization for internal fixation. Minne Ties Agile MMF is a safe, simple and efficient alternative to existing wire or hybrid devices.

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OMF Implants and Instruments


CoreMed is proud to partner with Inomed, a company that’s been pioneering intraoperative nerve monitoring technologies since 1991 in Freiburg, Germany. Inomed is founded on the principles of surgery and electrical engineering, an approach that results in products of unparalleled quality. Inomed, Inc. was established as a US subsidiary in 2019 and proudly offers the C2 Nerve Monitor and matching IOM accessories.

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